object persistence for php

phpersistence is an object oriented persistence layer for php, using transparent object relational mapping.
Even if it's usage is inspired from Java ORM tool hibernate, phpersistence is not a java port.
It uses database abstraction layer PEAR::DB to be DBMS independent.
Note that PHP5 support is currently still limited.
phpersistence works best with PHP4 + mysql.
To know how it works please use our demo application :

Better code faster.
And because there is nearly no such tool available for php4.

For free, even in commercial closed source applications : phpersistence is LGPL

download the latest version at :

phpersistence was initially created by récap Montpellier for, a collaborative web platform. Develeppement was continued during studies at the, and is ongoing around specific projects.
to contact the phpersistence team :

this site is under construction.
Please look at this demo which contains lots of explanations and help, and is a good starting point to use phpersistence:
You may also have a look at the global architecture of phpersistence : (PHP5 reflection not implemented)